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Case Type


Attempted Murder and Assault 1st Degree in Manhattan Supreme Court. Client was arrested for stabbing someone with a knife. Our client was observed in video surveillance with the victim and a bloody knife was recovered. Client faced up to 25 years in prison. Case successfully dismissed, no criminal record.

Client was arrested for stealing over $11,000 in Manhattan and charged with Grand Larceny. Client provided a full confession and the stolen property was found to be in client's possession. Client contacted us after nearly accepting a felony conviction and prison time. We successfully negotiated a non-felony outcome with no jail and no criminal record.

High-speed Chase Following an Alleged Burglary in Brooklyn. Client indicted for Burglary in the Second Degree (a violent felony) after seen fleeing the burglary location which developed into a high-speed police chase – Pedestrian struck - Client had several priors - Successfully resolved case, no jail time

Grand Larceny in Manhattan. Our client was seen taking several computers and electronic equipment from work and trying to sell them to another person. Despite overwhelming evidence of guilt, we successfully negotiated a deal that avoided jail and a criminal record.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident: Manhattan - Client who allegedly struck a pedestrian who was crossing the street was arrested for leaving without exchanging proper information or waiting for the police - Case dismissed during my first appearance

Grand Larceny in Queens Supreme Court. Client was found in possession of the victim's stolen debit card and thousands of dollars of cash. Client fully confessed. Initially, client faced up to 7 years in prison. We successfully negotiated a deal to get the criminal charges dropped, no jail, no criminal record.

Burglary. Client found inside victim's house in the middle of the night in Manhattan. The victim positively ID'd client in line-up – Case proceeded to trail where client faced years in State Prison if convicted – Jury Verdict: Total Acquittal – All charged dismissed

Rape 1st Degree - Brooklyn Supreme Court. Client Vindicated After Arrested for Rape in the First Degree: Our client was arrested by the Brooklyn Special Victims Squad. Client faced mandatory prison time and registration if convicted. Case dismissed without trial.

Drug Sale Felony. Manhattan - After our client was observed holding a bag with several hundred tablets of a controlled substance, he was charged with a serious felony, punishable by up to twelve (12) years in State Prison - Case reduced, no jail and no probation.

Drug Sale in Manhattan - We represented a person in possession of over one-hundred pills of a controlled substance - Although this client was initially charged with a felony, the case was eventually dismissed.

Manhattan – Marijuana Operation - Our Client was caught growing numerous marijuana plants in client's basement during search warrant execution - Case eventually dismissed

Felony Assault - Brooklyn - Client accused of assaulting a police officer. Client was a licensed professional facing a possible state prison sentence and, as a convicted felon, the end of his career. - Outcome: All criminal charges dropped, no criminal conviction, no jail time.

Grand Larceny - Nassau Supreme Court (Long Island). Client was arrested for stealing over $1,000. We successfully obtained a complete dismissal of the criminal charges. Client had to perform a few days of community service. No criminal record.



Macy's - Manhattan - Client left without paying for two sweaters that were hidden in client's purse -Case dismissed, no criminal record, no fines

Century 21 - Manhattan – Clothing item valued at $120.00 recovered from client's hand after exiting store – Client was not a citizen, planning to apply for Green Card - Case dismissed, no criminal record, no immigration consequences

Target - Rockport - Client was attempting to leave with several clothing items - Client had a criminal history –Case dismissed

Sephora – Client attempted to leave with over $1,000.00 of merchandise – Criminal charges dropped, record sealed

Bloomingdales - Manhattan - Client attempted to leave with $800.00 of clothing - All charges dismissed

Saks Fifth Avenue - Manhattan - Client observed removing sensor tags and leaving store with over $2,000.00 of clothing – Possible Felony Charges – Client's second time arrested for same thing - Case resolved successfully, all Criminal Charges Dropped

J. Crew - Manhattan -Client caught with clothing hidden in client's purse while attempting to leave store - client was applying for citizenship - All charges dropped, no immigration consequences

Macy's - Manhattan - Client caught attempting to leave with fur coat valued at almost $3,000 - all criminal charges dropped, small fine

Saks Fifth Avenue - Manhattan – Felony - A client was prosecuted in Manhattan for stealing over $4,000.00 in property from a retail store. It was the client's second time facing such charges. Case resolved with no jail time, no probation and a small fine although she initially faced up to four years in state prison. This case was covered in several newspapers.


Marijuana (P.L. 221.20, 221.05) - Manhattan - Marijuana cigarette recovered from client's hand - Client in the process of being naturalized - All charges dropped, case dismissed, no criminal record, no fines

Shoplifting (155.25, 165.40) – Queens – Client left store with set of earrings which were found in her purse – Client was not a U.S. Citizen and faced possible deportation - Case dismissed, no immigration consequences

Assault (P.L. 120.00) - Brooklyn - Client was pushed into another person and charged with assault - Successfully avoided case being filed in court, all records sealed

Shoplifting (P.L. 155.25) – Manhattan – Client went to a different floor in Macy's before paying for merchandise valued at $600 – Client was not a U.S. Citizen and faced possible deportation – Case dismissed, no immigration consequences

Assault (P.L. 120.00) - Queens – Client charged with assault after physical confrontation with neighbor regarding a dog – All criminal charges dropped, records sealed

Assault (P.L. 120.00) - Manhattan - Client observed striking another individual outside a bar - case eventually dismissed - all records sealed - no fines

Driving w/ Suspended License (VTL 511, 509) - Manhattan - Client confessed to the arresting officer - no criminal record, small fine

Marijuana (P.L. 221.20, 221.05) - Manhattan - Client found with marijuana cigarette and stash of marijuana in a box on his person - client had sensitive security related job - case dismissed, no record, no fines

Trespassing (P.L. 140.15) - The Bronx - case dismissed - no criminal record - no fines

Aggravated Harassment (P.L. 240.30) - Brooklyn - Successfully avoided case ever being filed in court - all records sealed

Assault (P.L. 120.00) – Manhattan – Client struck a stranger on a sidewalk – I was able to show police made a mistake - case dismissed


Manhattan - A client was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of over 0.18 and charged with a misdemeanor which would have created a criminal record - All criminal charges were dismissed

Westchester - Client was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated at 3am following New Year's Eve and as he was driving from Manhattan - With a blood alcohol level of over 0.19, he was charged with aggravated DWI - a charge which was eventually dropped

Manhattan - After being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated and possessing a marijuana cigarette, I successfully convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all criminal charges on the first court appearance

Brooklyn – Client arrested after client's car observed off road, in city park – Client had several open containers in car – All criminal charges dropped

Queens – Client observed asleep in car – later blew over 0.14 – fought with arresting officer – All criminal charges dropped

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