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NYC Criminal Defense Attorney


    "Charges were dropped because of Mr. Fletcher"
    Getting arrested was the worst day of my life. Fortunately, I found a positive review of Mr. Fletcher online and hired him. The charges were dropped because Mr. Fletcher found that the police made a mistake in my case and I'm very grateful.
    - R.A.
    "It was a best case scenario!"
    Thank you for today. It was a best case scenario and a great achievement as far as I am concerned.
    - S. P.
    "Thank you for the work you did"
    Thank you for the work you did to help me avoid a criminal record.
    - K. C.
    "Really appreciated everything you've done"
    Thank you, I really appreciated everything you've done (After I notified client that his case will be dismissed)
    - B. H.
    "I can not thank you enough!"
    Thank you so very much for all your help that you have provide me throughout this process, I can not thank you enough!
    - M.C.
    "wonderful legal representation"
    Dear Mr. Fletcher, I want to thank you for your wonderful legal representation. You are a fantastic attorney and a very good man. I don't know what I would have done without your brilliant work. Finding you on the internet was a blessing.
    - M.P.
    "My case went a lot better than I thought was possible"
    I found a site online that ranked New York City criminal defense lawyers and Mr. Fletcher's name was at the top. I hired him and my case went a lot better than I thought was possible. I also want to say that the other people in his office were professional and very supportive.
    - A.H.
    "conveyed confidence, professionalism, and the resolve to fight for a successful outcome"
    I think that, in addition to drafting a brilliant motion, you conveyed confidence, professionalism, and the resolve to fight for a successful outcome. You will go a long way.
    - D.S.
    "Very polite, honest, and professional"
    I found Mr. Fletcher on the Internet . When I met with him, I found him to be very polite, honest, and professional. When we were in court, he fought aggressively and the criminal charges were eventually dropped. Thank you for everything.
    - N.M.
    "YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!"
    Thanks for what you did for my son (YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!). I found his law office on the Internet and compared to the other lawyers I talked to, Lance actually listened to me and seemed like he had a way to win figured out. I definitely recommend him.
    - C.M.
    "no words to express my gratitude"
    Dear Lance, Thank you for working to seal my record. There are no words to express my gratitude.
    - Anonymous
    "You performed a miracle."
    Lance, you are seriously such an angel. You performed a miracle. Thank you for everything you have done
    - V.K.
    "I am thankful to have had a professional, confident attorney in my corner"
    New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Lance Fletcher was absolutely amazing. In some of the darkest hours of my life, I am thankful to have had a professional, confident attorney in my corner.
    - G.G.
    "He made everything go very smoothly"
    I was very happy with the result of the case. He made everything go very smoothly and I appreciate the hard work. I highly recommend him for any case.
    - M.L.
    "All I can say is thanks for everything."
    I told Lance a million times what a good job he did on my case and now I'm at a loss for words. All I can say is thanks for everything.
    - W.Z.
    "Thank you very much once again for saving my job and freedom"
    I want to thank everyone at Mr. Fletcher's firm for all the outstanding help. You were recommended to me by a close friend who is a fireman. I chose you as my lawyer and it was one of the best decisions I made. After you spoke to the prosecutor, the charges were dropped. Thank you very much once again for saving my job and freedom.
    - J.H.
    "fully recommend his services"
    My experiences with Lance L. Fletcher's firm were extremely positive. My case was handled efficiently and with optimal results – a dismissal. I have the greatest confidence in Mr. Fletcher and fully recommend his services.
    - Anonymous
    "one word. Great."
    How would I rate this lawyer? – one word. Great.
    - D.M.
    "Thanks a million!"
    I am very grateful to Lance Fletcher. This was my first time ever being in trouble and he listened to my concerns and allayed my fears. He keeps in constant communication via phone, E-mail and text. I am very happy with the outcome of my case.
    "Highly recommended!!"
    Attorney Fletcher is not only experienced and confident, but also taking his time listening and answering every questions I had. Thank you soooo much. I can't express how lucky I was to find you here to help me!
    - Thank you sooo much!!!
    "Knowledgable Guidance"
    Attorney Lance Fletcher was clear and concise and explained all of our options extremely well. He provided calm, confident guidance in a very unfamiliar process with a very professional and knowledgable demeanor. It was apparent that he knew the court well and he had a good rapport with the court staff. I would highly recommend Attorney Lance Fletcher.
    - Mary F.
    I Was really worried about my case. I would of never be able to obtain a career with a record, was never charge a felony before,went to Mr. Lance (esq) took care of everything, great outcome to a violation, will definitely recommend, 5 stars all the way. THANKS
    - Marv
    ""A well worthy professional""
    Attorney Lance Fletcher has a positive attitude, straight forward and knows how to get the job done! The process (my case) was longer than I thought but it was worth it and now I don't have to worry about anything any more. He deeply believes in his work and cares for his clients making sure they don't over-stress the situation. He's a great professional at what he does and I'm indebted for his work. Note: If you're in a situation, Attorney Lance Fletcher is the right choice!
    "Justice in Actions"
    In near perfect synchrony with the 2012 enactment of Dodd-Frank shifting the regulatory landscape and posing negative tail risks to an industry defining the entirety of my professional career, more serious legal risks surfaced which had posed real threats for my life in general. Lance Fletcher was recommended with high praise and at the end of the legal procedural protocols, I had not at any given time felt even an iota of disappointment for retaining his services. His communicative abilities, whether it be with client, judge, and/or prosecution is unparalleled...even compared against my numerous retainers of high powered lawyers and attorneys in the past and present. Simply put, Lance is a man of character whose words are never empty and actions always present.
    - Dedication and Virtue Personified