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Arrested in NYC? - NYC Criminal Defense Attorney

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An experienced and skilled New York City (NYC) criminal defense lawyer can be the difference between a long jail sentence and getting your case dismissed. Lance Fletcher, a former Manhattan Prosecutor, will work tirelessly to get you the outcome that you need. We focus on criminal cases in New York City. Criminal cases typically happen when you've been arrested and you have an upcoming court date or the NYPD has contacted you as part of an investigation into you. Whether the charges against you are felonies or misdemeanors, convictions have consequences so your criminal case may be the last and best opportunity to protect your reputation and liberty.

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Regardless of your charges, it may be possible to get it dismissed. Contact us to see if a dismissal might be possible in your case.

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Facing criminal charges in New York City? It is to your benefit to have an experienced NYC Criminal Defense Attorney by your side.

Have you ever needed help from someone only to have had that person ask you questions that shows they don’t know any more about it than you do? You may recall a taxi-driver who asked you basic questions about how to navigate traffic, a politician who couldn’t answer a very simple question, or a person you thought could help you with directions only to discover they’re lost too. Sometimes these situations where you can’t be helped don’t matter that much because not that much is on the line. When it comes to your criminal case, don’t take a chance.

If you are accused of criminal wrongdoing and must appear in criminal court, it is to your advantage to have an attorney who has the most experience defending cases like yours in the same courthouse where your case will be heard. This is because arrest in New York City carries the risk of incarceration, loss of your professional license, employment problems, immigration or international travel problems, eviction, loss of access to your bank account, and other serious problems. While your case is pending in court, many of these problems can continue because the issue of your innocence or guilt is being decided in court. Cases generally end in conviction or dismissal. A conviction is when your guilt has been formally established. Initial problems caused by your arrest such as employment problems, loss of property, or immigration issues can become more permanent following a conviction. Additional consequences may follow. These include direct consequences of a conviction which can mean prison, probation, fines, and other penalties.

Things move quickly in court. At your arraignment, what you say or don't say can mean the difference between going home and being convicted. At subsequent court appearances, what you say or don’t say can keep you protected from or expose you to the most extreme consequences of the prosecutor’s case. As the court exists to settle disputes, different parties attend to fight for their right to be heard and see that their version of justice happens. These parties are you and your attorney for the defense, the prosecutor to represent the State, and the judge to adjudicate legal issues. The criminal court judge and prosecuting attorney often have extensive experience handling cases like yours but they are working hard for an outcome that could be catastrophic to you. Whether you have been arrested before or this is your first time, the steps you take in your defense can last a lifetime.

Getting your case dismissed is our top priority. Lance Fletcher, a former prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, is dedicated to the defense of people charged with crimes in New York City. Being a former prosecutor gives him a unique point of view when defending clients in court. We have successfully defended over one-thousand New York City criminal cases and we draw on our wide experience and background in criminal law. Working in both state and federal courts, we offer the resources and experience to handle any legal problem with unmatched service and personal attention. Click here to view our successful results. Kevin Jones (of-counsel) is an experienced NYC immigration lawyer who can provide advice regarding how your arrest might affect your immigration status.

Lance Fletcher is devoted exclusively to criminal defense throughout New York City including in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. He is trained in the time-tested art of courtroom advocacy and the latest technology, forensic techniques, and investigative strategies. In recent cases, Lance Fletcher has drawn on the fields of forensic photography, hand-writing analysis, forensic accounting, medical record analysis, video analysis, DNA and fingerprint analysis, and forensic psychology to advance his client's cases. We are prepared to respond to your case at once and take all the proper steps to ensure the best response to your charges. No two cases are the same and so our strong track record of success shows our ability to find a way to get our client’s charges dismissed or reduced time and time again. Depending on your situation, getting your charges dismissed or reduced is a question of filing the proper motion at the right time, successfully negotiating with the prosecuting attorney, or winning at trial. The Law Offices of Lance Fletcher’s consistent record of success has earned him respect throughout New York, in the National Trial Lawyer’s Association, client reviews and testimonials such as on AVVO, and with the judges and prosecutors with whom he works.

Criminal Defense. For our clients, a criminal charge in New York is a catastrophic disruption in their daily routine. Many are unable to sleep or concentrate at work. After meeting with us during the initial consultation, our clients often report finding peace of mind. Criminal defense is about more than the system, law, or best/worst case outcomes. It is about you. It is about getting you back to the life that you had before the arrest. During the initial consultation, we are able to give our clients an honest view of their situation and uncover defenses that our clients often didn’t realize existed. This is because a winning defense is often buried in the facts of the case. Criminal defense is as much about criminal law as it is about applying frank common sense to a given set of facts. In one of our client’s cases, we were able to get a dismissal by pointing out several problems with the State’s case. In another, we were able to get a dismissal by focusing on one serious problem in the State’s case. Although every case is different, the path to success and getting you back to where you were before your arrest starts with your consultation. Contact New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Lance Fletcher today.

Lance Fletcher became a New York City criminal lawyer because he cares about helping his clients who are facing life changing events. Because every case is an emergency, Lance Fletcher has appeared in court during unusual hours such as nights and weekends to fight for his client's release. Focusing exclusively on New York criminal defense, our office carefully and thoroughly prepares each case regardless of the severity of the charges. This preparation starts at the initial case evaluation which is when we meet with prospective clients to discuss the details of their case. Lance Fletcher prefers to meet with prospective clients to get a complete understanding of the circumstances that lead to the arrest. Our efforts continue as we prepare for court. This preparation routinely uncovers important facts that could lead to a successful resolution of your case. Our office takes pride in our reputation as thoughtful, skilled, and knowledgeable in the field of criminal defense. We can assist clients charged with a wide array of criminal charges, some of which are detailed throughout this site. Regardless of what you have been arrested for, our attorneys will work tirelessly to get you the results that you need. Contact us at 212-619-3900 for a case evaluation.

We defend clients against New York State and Federal criminal charges ranging from non-violent misdemeanors to serious felonies. Lance Fletcher routinely appears in all NYC criminal courts including in downtown and midtown Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx. We defend criminal cases including: Desk Appearance Tickets, Theft charges, Assault, Leaving the scene of an accident, DWI / DUI Drug charges, Sex offenses, Exposure, White collar crimes, Embezzlement, Domestic violence, Other misdemeanors, and Other felonies. If you haven't been arrested but you've been contacted by the police, contact us to discuss your options going forward. We can take steps find out more about the police investigation and defend you at any official proceedings.

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Damage control. Any New York City criminal case carries the risk of incarceration even if you have a clean record. Your arrest fingerprints, photograph, and arrest record could be discovered by others. Sometimes, your arrest might be covered in the press. A conviction could lead to incarceration and give future employers, organization, and governments the ability to deny employment, licenses, travel, and benefits. If you present the wrong evidence in court, it could multiply these problems. In fighting back, we carefully consider ways to reverse these consequences. Our careful understanding of New York criminal law allows us to look for important defenses, loopholes, technicalities, and other ways to fight for a complete dismissal or reduction of your charges. Drawing from years of experience in the courtroom, we can find the most practical and effective way to fight for the best outcome of your case. For some clients that mean getting the charges dropped. For others, it means avoiding jail. For us, it means victory.

When you contact us, we will get to know you and make sure we understand every detail about your case. We are prepared to send someone to speak with witnesses, analyze evidence, submit evidence of your good character, and file legal motions and pleadings to get your charges reduced or dismissed where possible. We can push back against the charges by submitting legal arguments on your behalf and negotiating with the prosecutor. If your case proceeds to trial, we are prepared to cross-examine the government’s witnesses and forcefully argue for an acquittal. Contact us today for a case evaluation.

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New York’s criminal law traces its roots to our colonial heritage and reliance on common law. The common law, which we inherited from England, is a system of rules developed by judges based on the unique set of facts of a particular case. The “common law” stands for the idea that a judge can listen to your lawyer’s arguments and make a ruling. This ruling, if later adopted by other judges, is called case law which is, essentially, a new law. Case law, in addition to statutes, is the law of the land. A statute is a written law passed by the legislature. Statutes are set forth in a collection of laws on a particular subject such as the New York Penal Law. When your case enters New York’s courts, the outcome can be influenced by thousands of individual statutes and the cases interpreting these statutes. Statutes and case law form the framework for everything the prosecutor and judge can and cannot do in the course of your case.

A New York City criminal case starts when something happens that catches the attention of law enforcement. It could be because of a third party who called the police or something that the police observed directly. From there, numerous reports and actions can be taken by one or many law enforcement officers, each of whom have different motives, observations, and roles. When your case is prosecuted, it is sent to the District Attorney so that criminal charges can be filed in a local court. The District Attorney may be one individual or a large office with thousands of employees. Your case may be based on a simple set of facts or based on many different pieces of evidence including eye-witnesses, video surveillance, financial records, statements, and other facts. You could have one charge, or face hundreds of charges.

To help our clients, we determine the winning strategy. In some cases, this means taking immediate steps to challenge the legality of the charges and in others it means offering proof of any mitigating circumstances. Selecting the right strategy is everything because it will determine how the arraignment (the first court date) should be handled, and how every additional court date and any trial should be handled. We fight for dismissal not only in some cases, but in all. This is because regardless of whether there is a strong case against you or not, fighting for dismissal may reveal hidden defenses or weaknesses in the prosecutor's case. In pursuing our client's defense, we will look at every document, every relevant law, and every available procedure to obtain a dismissal or reduction of the charges. Contact us today for a Evaluation evaluation.

  • Felony Assault - Brooklyn

    Client accused of assaulting a police officer. Client was a licensed professional facing a possible state prison sentence and, as a convicted felon, the end of his career. Outcome: All criminal charges dropped, no criminal conviction, no jail time.

  • Macy's - Manhattan

    Client left without paying for two sweaters that were hidden in client's purse- Case dismissed, no criminal record, no fines.

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