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Taxicab & Livery Car Theft of Services

Taxicab Theft of Services Lawyer

There are over 50,000 licensed taxicabs in New York City serving over $250 million passengers per year who pay over $1 billion in fares. Taxicab drivers collect the fare after driving to the destination.

On purpose. Because service is rendered before payment, there is a temptation to exit the cab without paying. This could be because the rider doesn't have money, doesn't have a form of payment with them (such as forgetting to bring their wallet or purse), or because of a desire to simply get a Evaluation ride. Because cab drivers are busy and may not be able to track down someone who just fled without paying, this type of crime often goes unreported with little to no consequences for the passenger. As a result, the police department aggressively pursues passengers who exit without paying and an arrest for theft of services often follows.

165.15 lawyer nycBy mistake. If you've gotten into a cab and gone home only to realize that your only credit card isn't working or that $20 you thought you had in your pocket is missing, you may have accidentally entered a situation where you're unable to pay. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a cab driver or the police to easily assess your intentions so the result is often an arrest for theft of services. Taxicabs become even more essential late at night or for groups or otherwise when the speed and ease of travel by car is needed. Because taxis are often used after a night out, passengers are sometimes intoxicated which can lead to a situation where you were brought to the wrong destination and you're refusing to pay, or you've passed out and you can't pay because you're asleep. Even in these situations, an arrest for theft of services may follow.

Theft of Services - Taxicab / car service

165.15 Subsection 3. A person is guilty of theft of services whenwith intent to obtain taxi service without payment of the lawful charge therefor, or to avoid payment of the lawful charge for such transportation service which has been rendered to him, he obtains or attempts to obtain such service or avoids or attempts to avoid payment therefor by force, intimidation, stealth, deception or mechanical tampering, or by unjustifiable failure or refusal to pay


  • Jail
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Crime involving moral turpitude (immigration consequences)
  • Other employment, professional license consequences

Process. A desk appearance ticket is official notice that you must appear in court to be charged with a crime. This appearance is an arraignment. At your arraignment, you and your attorney will have an opportunity to review the charges and allegations, enter a plea, and argue for your release. Although you are not expected to explain anything or provide any defenses at the arraignment, every case is different and your attorney will know what should or should not be presented at the arraignment. Many cases are not resolved at the arraignment and are adjourned for future court appearances.

How the Lance Fletcher can help

When you meet with Lance Fletcher, a former Manhattan prosecutor, he can evaluate the circumstances. Too often, cab drivers and the police error on the side of arresting you without hearing your side of the story. This rush to judgment, if left unchecked, can lead to harsh consequences. Lance Fletcher can take a look at exactly what the cabdriver claims that you did, and review all records, reports, and accounts of the event to find any hidden defenses or circumstances that could lead to a dismissal.

Some of our Taxi / Car service theft of services case results:

  • Manhattan - Client was coming from watching a game - Unable to pay cab. Client was applying for professional licenses. Result: Case dismissed on a technicality. No criminal record. Fingerprints and arrest photograph destroyed and we ran background check later to make sure it was clean. (#DDS1932)
  • Manhattan - Client was caught exiting a yellow cab without paying. It was client's second time getting arrested for the same thing. Client was intoxicated. Result: Case eventually dismissed, no criminal record (#TYP1852)
  • Manhattan - Client got to destination in yellow cab and realized had left credit card at restaurant where client just left from. Arrested for theft of services and given a desk appearance ticket. Result: Case eventually dismissed, no criminal record, we confirmed arrest photograph and fingerprint record destroyed. (#TCD1950)
  • Brooklyn - Client was very intoxicated and didn't remember even being arrested for theft of services after a taxi ride. Result: Case eventually dismissed, no criminal record. (#GSD1899)
  • Manhattan - Client arrested for failing to pay cab at destination. Client had no cash or credit card when confronted by cabbie. Police arrived very quickly. Client faced serious immigration consequences. Result: Client consulted with us and our immigration lawyer - We demanded case be dismissed immediately - Charges never filed in court - complete dismissal and Client able to re-enter the US. (#GHC2000)
  • Manhattan - Client arrested for not paying taxi when arrived at home. No explanation given to cabbie or police. Result: Case eventually dismissed, fingerprint record and arrest photograph destroyed. (BVV0324)
  • Queens - Client forgot wallet and failed to pay taxi. Result: Case dismissed, no criminal record. (#RFT2080)
  • Brooklyn - Client was intoxicated and unable to pay a cab driver. Client had professional licenses that could have been affected and was unable to appear in court. Result: Case eventually dismissed, no criminal record. (#VFG1931)
  • Manhattan - Client arrested for not paying a yellow cab. Card wasn't working. Result: Case eventually dismissed, no criminal record.

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