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Drug Sale To Undercover Police Officer Leads to Charges of Multiple Felonies


PEEKSKILL, NEW YORK - According to Rasheed Oluwa of the Peekskill Patch, on April 14, 2013, three women were arrested in Peekskill, New York following a four month investigation of cocaine sales. The women allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover police officer on a number of occasions. The women were arrested by the Peekskill police department following a raid and charged with multiple counts of third degree criminal sales and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The police allegedly recovered a small amount of cocaine and drug packaging materials. The women were arraigned and sent to Westchester County jail. One woman was sent to jail without bail and the other two received a $30,000 bail.

Both criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a controlled substance are class B felonies. The degree of the crime is determined by the factors such as the amount and type of controlled substance and if there was intent to sell. Additionally, whether the person has a prior conviction will have an impact on the degree of the crime.

Facing prosecution of either of these crimes can be a stressful time for anyone. A conviction will have devastating consequences on your life. Specifically, you can face incarceration, probation and a permanent record. A class B felony conviction can result in incarceration ranging from anywhere between 1 and 9 years, again depending on the conviction history and whether the crime is violent or non-violent. A fine of up to $30,000 may be imposed upon conviction and your driver's license may be suspended.