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Subway Offender Ban in New York


Subway Offender Ban

Legislation was passed in early April, 2020, banning certain convicted criminals from using MTA's mass transit services for up to 3 years by the sentencing judge. What this means is that if you've been arrested and are later convicted (your plead guilty or go to trial and lose), the judge can add a MTA ban to your sentence. So, this ban can be in addition to jail, probation, a fine, community service, or other penalty.

This new law affects only certain people convicted of:

  • Sex crimes against a passenger, customer, or MTA employee
  • Assaulting an MTA worker

It can affect your ability to use MTA's facilities such as:

  • NYC Subway
  • Bus
  • Long Island Railroad LIRR
  • Metro North Railroad

Authority to ban from subways, trains and buses those defendants sentenced for sex crimes against an MTA passenger, customer or employee, or for assaulting an MTA worker.

The criminal court judge can bar these people for up to three years or the duration of their period of probation or conditional discharge, whichever is shorter.