Theft charges dismissed for employee stealing from employer


Our client was arrested for stealing from employer by taking merchandise and also doing fake returns. About $900 was stolen over a period of time. When approached by store security and the NYPD, our client confessed and was arrested. After our client was arraigned in criminal court, our client contacted us for help. We reviewed the charges in the criminal court complaint and discussed ways to get it resolved without a trial. When our client pointed out that our client is not a US citizen, we consulted with an immigration attorney to make sure we could take every step possible to minimize any possible adverse immigration consequences. Initially, the prosecutor was pushing for a conviction but we were able to negotiate this down to a deal to have the charges dismissed as long as our client completed community service and agreed to stay arrest-free for a period of six months. After this six month period, our client’s case would be automatically dismissed and sealed.

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