Rape charges dropped for Manhattan businessman


Our client was investigated for allegedly raping an acquaintance in his apartment. He was confronted with video surveillance which supported the accusation as well as a text messages that raised troubling questions. After speaking with the police, he contacted us for help. We took a strong stance that our client did not do anything wrong and was being mischaracterized. Our client surrendered to the police so we could fight the charges in court. After being arrested and charged with rape, PL 130.25, we entered a plea of not guilty on our client’s behalf and fought the charges. We demanded any medical records of the complainant, video surveillance, police records, and any other evidence the prosecutor claimed they had in their file. In going over options with our client, it was decided that trial was not what our client wanted especially given the likelihood of media coverage. At the same time, we wanted to fight the charges to the maximum extent. After extensive negotiations and meetings with the prosecutor, we negotiated a deal that avoided jail, avoided probation, avoided sex offender registration, and avoided a felony conviction. Our client plead guilty to a lower level misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to community service.

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