Professional, charged with leaving the scene of accident (VTL 600), gets no-criminal record outcome


Our client, a business professional in Manhattan, was arrested for allegedly driving, colliding with a bicycle, and leaving without giving the bicyclist identifying information or and insurance card. When the police arrived, they spoke with our client who admitted driving but then doing certain things to avoid detection or arrest. The bicyclist was complaining of bleeding, cuts, and other physical injury. Our client reached out to us for help and, initially, the prosecutor gave our client the choice of going to trial or pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident (VTL 600) which would give our client a permanent criminal record. After fighting in court for a few months and investigating the underling circumstances of the accident, we were able to negotiate a deal where our client would only have to plead guilty to a non-criminal violation (similar to a traffic infraction), pay a small fine, and complete community service and there would be no jail and no criminal record.

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