No jail, no criminal record for felony shoplifting of over $11,000 of merchandise (Manhattan)


Our client, who had been previously arrested, was observed taking several expensive pieces of merchandise from a retail store. When approached about it, our client had already exited the store while still holding the merchandise. After the arraignment, our client retained a different attorney who reached a deal where our client would have pled guilty to a felony which would have resulted in a permeant criminal record. Our client contacted us for a second opinion and we discussed ways that we may be able to achieve a more favorable result. After we were hired, we started collecting all of the available information concerning the arrest and our client. This information pointed to a possible defense on the ground of lack of requisite intent. When we contacted the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office about this and to see what our options could be, we started working toward a better outcome. After several months of litigation, we resolved our client’s case with no jail, no probation, no felony conviction, no misdemeanor, and only a guilty plea to the reduced and added charge of disorderly conduct which is a non-criminal violation. Our client was also required to perform community service as part of the outcome.

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