No jail for grand larceny for over $160,000


Lance’s client was contacted by the Manhattan District Attorney about a complaint they received regarding the theft and embezzlement of over $160,000 from a Manhattan business. Lance’s client and others allegedly conspired to take the money by transferring it to another entity. After speaking with investigators, our client contacted us for help. We immediately invoked our client’s right to remain silent and negotiated a time to surrender so the case could be fought in court. During litigation, the Manhattan District Attorney fought aggressively for 2 years in prison despite it being our client’s first arrest and argued that our client was one of the major players in the theft. This was not that surprising to us given that the amount of the larceny was over $100,000. Often, a state prison sentence results with a larceny of this size. After presenting a mitigation package to the prosecutor and extensive discussions questioning our client’s exact role in the alleged conspiracy, we were able to work out a resolution with the judge where our client would plead guilty but would pay some restitution instead of going to jail.

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