Misdemeanor charges dismissed in Manhattan bicycle hit and run


Our client was involved in an alleged hit and run with a bicycle that was traveling in front of our client and in the same direction. After being arrested and providing a partial confession, our client contacted us for help in defending the case. We immediately started working on collecting the accident report, medical records from the complainant, police records, and court filings. In court, we filed a motion to suppress the evidence and force the prosecutor to turn over more information that they had about the case. After several months of litigation in which, initially, the prosecutor was pushing for a full conviction, criminal record, and punishment as a class A misdemeanor, we were able to negotiate a much more favorable outcome. We negotiated a deal where our client would only have to plead guilty to a violation (similar to a traffic infraction), pay a small fine, and complete some defensive driving courses, but there would be no criminal record, no probation, and no jail.

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