Manhattan leaving the scene of accident dismissed


Our client, a cab driver, reached out to us unhappy with how the court appointed lawyer was defending this case for leaving the scene of an accident involving a bicycle. The bicyclist claimed that they saw our client driving a yellow taxi cab and that our client struck them and they fell onto the ground. They also claimed that our client drove away from the location of the accident without getting out of the cab or providing information to anyone at the scene of the accident. Our client contacted us for help. When our client met with Lance Fletcher, Lance immediately understood, based on Lance’s experience, that Lance could help. We reviewed the criminal court file including the complaint, the police records, and requested medical records of the bicyclist to see if there was even an injury. After a few months of litigation and defending against the charges, we negotiated a deal to have the case completely dismissed without trial as long as our client just completed some community service.

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