Lewdness and exposure in a subway station charges dismissed for licensed professional (Manhattan)


Our client, a licensed professional, was arrested in Manhattan for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with another person who was never apprehended. Our client was sought by the NYPD for several weeks and contacted us for help. After meeting with our client for a case evaluation, we discussed his concerns to keep his record clean to protect his professional license and also avoid any amount of jail time. We arraigned a convenient time for a surrender to the NYPD so the charges could be fought in court. Initially, the prosecutor had a very bad reaction to the charges and pushed for a criminal conviction and penalties in accordance with a class A misdemeanor. We fought back by presenting mitigating information and demanding proper discovery from the prosecutor. After several months of litigation, we noticed that the prosecutor made a procedural error and we demanded that the case be dismissed as a result. The case was dismissed, the record sealed, and no criminal record, no jail, and no probation.

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