Grand Larceny charges (for over $6000) dismissed in Manhattan


Lance’s client was investigated for embezzling over $6000 from her employer. When they questioned our client about it, our client provided a partial confession and was subsequently arrested. When released, our client contacted Lance for help. We sat down and reviewed the records from the investigation and discussed different strategies. Since Lance’s client was facing felony charges for grand larceny and the maximum sentence was seven years in prison, a careful strategy was needed. Going to trial was an option due to the lack of admissible evidence but almost any felony trial carries the risk of a long prison sentence. Lance’s client had a child to take care of and was terrified of jail. After reviewing police reports, discovery, and negotiations with the prosecutor, Lance negotiated a deal to have the felony and all criminal charges vacated as long as our client agreed to a conviction only to disorderly conduct and community service. No jail, no probation, and no criminal record.

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