Grand Larceny in Nassau Supreme Court (Long Island) resolved with community service and no criminal record


Lance’s client was arrested for stealing over $1,000 of property from a business. The resulting charge was grand larceny in the 4th degree (PL 155.30), a class E felony carrying up to 4 years in prison. Our client had been previously arrested for a theft in Queens a few years earlier. After reviewing police records and speaking with our client, we realized that there were several legal issues that happened when our client was initially arrested. Negotiations with the prosecutor went well and we successfully obtained a complete dismissal of the criminal charges. This case took almost six months because initially the prosecutor was demanding a conviction but this would have seriously affected our client’s career. We fought hard and our efforts paid off. Client had to perform a few days of community service and plead guilty only to a violation but there would be no criminal record, no jail, and no probation.

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