Forcible touching at Rockefeller center case dismissed for military officer (Manhattan)


Our client was arrested for forcibly touching a stranger while outside at Rockefeller center. He allegedly touched the sexual or intimate parts and had been previously arrested for the same sort of thing in New York City. Our client, an officer in the military, came to see us for a case evaluation to go over his options. He was very depressed because he assumed conviction. We did not. During the consultation we discussed ways to fight back and get the case dismissed. Over the months to follow, we fought to obtain the police reports and all discovery. We filed a motion to suppress any statements that he made to the police as well as his warrantless arrest. We also worked with our client’s complicated schedule made complicated because of his service to the country. Ultimately, we got the criminal charges dismissed and our client’s case was resolved with no jail, no criminal record, and no sex-offender program.

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