First degree Robbery, First Degree Burglary ends with no jail, no criminal conviction in Manhattan


Lance’s client was arrested for taking part in a home-invasion style burglary in Manhattan where our client allegedly broke into a building and confronted the victim while holding a weapon. Our client confessed to the police and after being arrested and arraigned by a judge, contacted us for help. We immediately sent for our client’s file so we could review the indictment, complaint, police report, witness statements, and our client’s confession to police. Realizing our client was in a serious situation because of the confession, we immediately turned to negotiations. In the beginning, the Manhattan District Attorney was very unreceptive to any outcome that didn’t send our client to state prison. After months of negotiation and sending information to the prosecutor to tell them more about our client’s circumstances, we were able to make substantial progress. After over a year of litigation, we worked out a deal where our client would initially plead guilty to a felony but if our client completed a long program and didn’t get arrested, our client would be able to avoid a criminal conviction and avoid jail. Things went well and in the end there was no criminal record, no jail, and no probation.

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