Financial services professional, arrested for theft of services (taxi) gets case dismissed (Manhattan)


Lance’ client was arrested for not paying a cab driver when the cab stopped at the final destination. Cab driver claimed that our client was offering false explanations for being unable to pay and was just trying to play games. The NYPD arrested our client and released our client with a desk appearance ticket charging theft of services, PL 165.15. Our client contacted us for help. Our client worked for a major financial institution in Manhattan and was extremely worried about the theft charge showing up somewhere. We went to work right away preparing for the arraignment date listed on the desk appearance ticket. At the arraignment, we entered a plea of not guilty to open negotiations with the prosecutor. Negotiations went well and we were able to work out a deal that got the entire case dismissed provided that our client promise to not get arrested for 6 months and also pay the cab driver for the trip plus a small court imposed surcharge.

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