Felony grand larceny charges dropped in Brooklyn embezzlement


Lance’s client, as part of employment, was in a position to access and control a bank account that belonged to the employer. While managing this account, our client allegedly moved thousands of dollars from the organization’s account to our client’s personal account without permission or the authority to do so. Our client was investigated for this on an internal level and, while being investigated, admitted to the transfers in question. The matter was referred to the NYPD and our client was arrested and brought to a criminal court judge for arraignment. Upon our client’s release, our client contact us for help. We met for a case evaluation and discussed the facts and circumstances of our client’s case. Part of this included getting to know our client to get a feeling of the larger context in which our client was in. After months of litigation and reviewing financial and police documents, Lance was not getting the results he hoped for so he negotiated with the judge directly. After negotiations with the judge, we were able to get a deal to have the felony charges dropped in exchange for a guilty plea only to a misdemeanor and some restitution.

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