The case evaluation is always Evaluation. Thereafter, the legal fees for services depend greatly on the severity and complexity of the case.

Our office charges competitive flat fees for most services which means that time charges are reflected in the total fee. This is different from an hourly arrangement where you pay for every task performed by the lawyer, even for phone calls and travel to court.

With our firm:

  • The initial consultation is Evaluation
  • Afterwards, our fees are very reasonable for quality criminal defense
  • We accept credit cards, if that is easier for you
  • We charge flat fees, so you won't have any surprises
  • We accept payment plans
  • We base fees on the seriousness of the charges
  • Everything is in writing

Other lawyers:

  • May not offer Evaluation consultations
  • May charge hourly or per court appearance in addition to a “retainer fee” which can be costly
  • May have hidden fees
  • May not accept payment arrangements and demand full payment in advance
  • May charge extra for traveling to court or to file motions
  • May not offer clear, written terms

Mr. Fletcher does not sacrifice quality for volume, and it's important to him that he takes the necessary time to do everything possible to help his clients.

Because Mr. Fletcher handles criminal defense almost exclusively, he has expertise and experience that the average neighborhood lawyer who handles divorces one day and real estate closings the next, simply won't have. It always makes sense to hire the right lawyer for the case, and saving a few dollars in the short term could cost you in the long term in a missed opportunity for a dismissal or a more favorable disposition.

Whatever you do, don't wait to talk to a lawyer if you're facing a criminal accusation. Even if you haven't figured out how you are going to pay for it, you need to know what you are up against. The earlier a proactive criminal defense lawyer gets involved, the more opportunities there are to get the right outcome.

Call or contact New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Lance L. Fletcher for a Evaluation evaluation. The case evaluation is confidential and his office is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan.

Find out how easy it can to be to put Mr. Fletcher's experience and knowledge to work for you by contacting usat (212) 619-3900 for a consultation.

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