Domestic violence assault by both our client and our client’s brother against our client’s ex girlfriend ultimately dismissed (Brooklyn)


Our client, a licensed professional who frequently traveled on international business, was arrested for assaulting our client’s ex girlfriend with the help of our client’s brother. The assault included repeated punching and kicking and which caused physical injury, redness, and pain. Any conviction could have sent our client to jail for a year and given our client a permanent record which could have triggered the loss of our client’s professional license so our client contacted us for help. After fighting the case in court for nearly a year against a prosecutor who was pushing for conviction, we ultimately negotiated with the prosecutor and judge for a deal that caused the case to be eventually dismissed. Our client was very happy with this outcome which our client wanted to take but couldn’t due to an international trip. So, we accepted the deal by affidavit which solved this small problem.

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