Domestic harassment charges for threats to kill dismissed (Manhattan)


Lance’s client was contacted by the police about a report they received from our client’s ex-girlfriend about a threat our client allegedly made to kill another person. These threats are prohibited by New York’s aggravated harassment law, PL 240.30. When the police spoke with our client (before he consulted with us), our client admitted certain parts of it which put him in a worse position. He thought he could talk his way out of it but this failed and he was arrested and charged. After he was arraigned, he contacted Lance Fletcher and contacted us for a consultation. Lance discussed the evidence and charges against him as well as what was written in the domestic incident report. After fighting with the prosecutor for a reasonable way to resolve it, Lance successfully negotiated a deal to have the charges dismissed as long as we agreed that our client would not be arrested for a year. This was a great outcome for Lance’s client because it avoided conviction and avoided a criminal record.

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