Petit Larceny 155.25 - New York City 155.25 Defense Lawyer

Petit Larceny is codified under Penal Law section 155.25 which reads:

§ 155.25 Petit larceny.
A person is guilty of petit larceny when he steals property.
Petit larceny is a class A misdemeanor.

Note that Petit larceny has a very short and simple definition. There is no value requirement, so even property worth one cent would qualify. That's because property, under the Penal Law, is defined as any money, personal property, or thing of value. Stealing is based on the theory of a wrongful taking, obtaining, or withholding of certain property from the owner of the property (see P.L. 155.05(1)).

Importantly, intent is very relevant to the issue of theft. Intent means conscious objective or purpose. If it wasn't your conscious objective or purpose to steal merchandise from a retail store, this may constitute a total defense. Call the Law Office of Lance Fletcher at 212-619-3900 for more information on this important issue.

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