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As an immigrant, you are in more vulnerable position than a U.S. Citizen when facing any criminal accusation. Immigration laws are very complex and criminal convictions are generally permanent. Any criminal offense, even a misdemeanor, can lead to deportation. The type of criminal charge you face, though, can make things worse. Crimes involving “moral turpitude” can negatively affect your immigration status. Crimes of moral turpitude are crimes that tend to show a person’s dishonesty or their “readiness to do evil.” Theft (including shoplifting), burglary, forgery, and check fraud are examples of crimes of moral turpitude. A person with even one conviction for a crime of moral turpitude is subject to deportation if the offense was committed within 5 years of admission and the maximum penalty for the offense is at least one year. Furthermore, one conviction for a crime of moral turpitude makes you inadmissibly unless you qualify for a special exception (see 8 USC 1182).

Minimizing Your Immigration Consequences.

Although immigration consequences may exist for any shoplifting conviction, our office utilizes the talent of a top shoplifting defense attorney and immigration attorney to either prevent or minimize the risk of conviction and any related immigration consequences. We have successfully handled over 1,000 cases in New York City and are prepared to discuss your shoplifting case at no charge. Call the Law Office of Lance Fletcher at 212-619-3900 for a consultation.

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