§ 245.01 Exposure of a person. (New York)

A person is guilty of exposure if he appears in a public place in such a manner that the private or intimate parts of his body are unclothed or exposed. For purposes of this section, the private or intimate parts of a female person shall include that portion of the breast which is below the top of the areola. This section shall not apply to the breastfeeding of infants or to any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show or entertainment.

Exposure of a person is a violation.

§ Exposure of a person - penalties

  • Up to 15 days in jail
  • court record may be open for public inspection (not sealed)

Exposure is chargeable in situations were someone is partially or fully naked in public. There are many exceptions for things like breastfeeding or going to the bathroom but these cases are extremely contextual. This means that the entire circumstances of the exposure need to be considered to determine if it violated the law. Exposure is often charged with lewdness and can result in a desk appearance ticket, pink criminal court appearance ticket (summons), or being brought to central booking for immediate arraignment. If you or a loved one has been charged with exposure or lewdness in New York City, contact us for a confidential case evaluation.

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