§ 10-131 (subsection i3) Firearms. (Unlawful possession of ammunition section)

§10-131 i. 3. It shall be unlawful for any person not authorized to possess a pistol or revolver within the city of New York to possess pistol or revolver ammunition, provided that a dealer in rifles and shotguns may possess such ammunition.

Being ticketed or arrested for illegally possessing ammunition is often charged under Administrative Code 10-131 on a pink summons (criminal court appearance ticket) or a desk appearance ticket. Our clients often get this ticket at a NYC airport such as Kennedy (JFK) or La Guardia (LGA) during security screening. Sometimes, the ammunition was a forgotten memento and our client wasn't even aware it was in their luggage.

Other times, ammunition is found at other security checkpoints or during a search based on an investigation into other criminality such as gun possession. If the ammo was found in connection with a pre-arrest search, search warrant, or car stop, it might be charged by itself or along with other charges.

A conviction for unlawfully possessing ammunition is a misdemeanor and can give you a criminal record. If you or a loved one has been charged with possession of ammunition, contact us for a case evaluation.

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