New York City Criminal Defense Attorney - Immigration Issues After Your NYC Arrest

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The Law Office of Kevin W. Jones, a leading New York City immigration firm, is of-counsel to our office. Kevin W. Jones, Esq. has been practicing immigration law since 1996 during which time he has represented individuals and organizations in a wide array of immigration cases.

A non-U.S. Citizen who gets convicted of a criminal offense in New York may face deportation, loss of a visa or green card, exclusion, and possible denial of citizenship. Very few criminal defense attorneys comprehend the complexities of being a non-citizen who is accused of a criminal offense. At the Law Offices of Lance L. Fletcher, you will find a New York City Criminal Defense Attorney who is also experienced at handling your immigration concerns. Our firm will fight tirelessly to successfully resolve your criminal case in a way that will not jeopardize your immigration status. We can work with your current immigration attorney, or if you do not have one, we can provide one.

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