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Being arrested at the airport for possessing an illegal firearm is a frightening, embarrassing, and arduous ordeal. It may have started when you tried to do the right thing and declared your weapon or it could have resulted during security screening. Then, you will be brought to New York City Criminal Court for an arraignment. An arraignment is an important legal proceeding because it is the first time after your arrest that your rights can be affected. At the arraignment, you may be able to enter a plea, argue for your release, ask to testify in the grand jury, and gain an early insight into the prosecution’s case. Bail is often set if you were arrested for possessing an illegal gun and, if the bail isn’t paid, you could face months of incarceration while you await trial. If you are convicted because you pled guilty or lost the trial, you face a minimum sentence of 3.5 years in state prison.

What can be done? Get the right lawyer. This is because your last and best chance at avoiding a lengthy prison sentence comes down to how things go in court. They found a gun on me and guns are illegal so case closed? Not at all. A skilled attorney can explore important defenses that you may not have been aware of by reviewing the circumstances that the gun was found, any statements you made, by demanding a ballistics report, and otherwise examining every detail of the case against you. An attorney is also your only advocate. The police officer who arrested you, the prosecutor, and even the judge may want to send you to jail for lots of different reasons. Maybe they just want to do their job as they understand it or want to send a message. Worse, the law actually forces them to give you a minimum of 3.5 years if convicted. Your attorney will be the only person on your side and who is fighting to keep you out of prison. We have been defending serious felonies in New York City for years and Lance Fletcher is a former Manhattan Prosecutor. He has successfully defended clients arrested for possessing firearms, ammunition, knifes, and other weapons at New York City airports such as JFK and La Guardia. Please contact us today for a case evaluation.

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