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In New York, Fraud is broken down into the following categories:

Article 170 – Forgery and Related Offenses
Article 180 – Bribery
Article 190 – Other Frauds (Bad Checks, ID Theft, Criminal Impersonation)

Regardless of the specific fraud you are facing, all frauds have common issues in an effective defense. One of these issues is whether you knew about the fraudulent nature of the item or action you are accused of and what your intention was. Unlike many other offenses, fraud cases are very sensitive to what you knew and when you knew it and what your intentions were.

To give you an example, we see individuals charged with possessing forged instruments (P.L. 170.20) but not with forging them (P.L. 170.05) because it's usually unprovable who the creator of the forgery was. In New York City, forged instrument possession usually concerns making a fake ID, parking plaque, temporary tags, credit card, or U.S. Currency. If the offense is a misdemeanor, it is punishable by up to one year in jail and may have other consequences. New York City Forged Instrument Defense Lawyer Lance L. Fletcher will examine your case to see if the State has any evidence that you knew the item was a forgery or if the State properly searched or seized you. This legal analysis could make the difference in your case. Contact us at (212) 619-3900 for a Evaluation and confidential case evaluation.

Credit Card Fraud

This kind of fraud concerns obtaining credit cards through the mail or that are lost or stolen, counterfeiting cards, or improperly accessing accounts or obtaining account information. Depending on the seriousness of your case, you may be investigated by state or federal authorities which can include the Secret Service. Having an experienced New York City Criminal Defense Attorney is important in having your case successfully resolved.

Credit card frauds can carry terms of over 10 years incarceration in state prison depending, largely, on the size of the fraud.

If you are being investigated for credit card fraud, contact New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Lance Fletcher for a confidential case evaluation.

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