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Forgery (P.L. 170.05) and possession of a forged instrument (P.L. 170.20) are both class A misdemeanors which carry the risk of a permanent record, probation, incarceration, and immigration / travel consequences. New York City Criminal Defense Attorney Lance Fletcher has successfully defended hundreds of forgery cases and obtains top results. Our office handles forgeries regarding:

  • Fake ID’s (such underage drinking related)
  • Forged Parking Plaques
  • Forged Temporary Tags
  • Forged Auto Insurance Cards
  • Credit / Debit / Gift Cards
  • Counterfeit U.S. Currency
  • All other Forgery Cases

Whether your case is in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx, Westchester, or Long Island, our office will vigorously defend your forgery case. Mr. Fletcher, a former prosecutor, will seek out the flaws in the case against you. Forgery cases present unique opportunities for a winning defense based on the type of forged instrument alleged, the indications of forgery, and the state’s evidence regarding whether or not you knew that the item was a forgery. Call the Law Office of Lance Fletcher at 212-619-3900 for a Evaluation evaluation.

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