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Were you issued a pink colored ticket that says "criminal court appearance ticket" at the top? This is a commonly issued ticket that can be issued for misdemeanors, violations, and traffic infractions in New York City. These tickets are different from desk appearance tickets because unlike a desk appearance ticket, you typically won't be fingerprinted or photographed when being issued a summons. Also, desk appearance tickets are prosecuted by the District Attorney but summonses are prosecuted directly by the Criminal Court. There are similarities too. Like desk appearance tickets, summonses can charge you with a misdemeanor and in New York, a misdemeanor is a crime which means being convicted of a misdemeanor can give you a permanent criminal record. Summonses are commonly issued for things like fighting, disorderly conduct, unlicensed driving, reckless driving, marijuana, weapons, and other similar things. A summonses can also be issued to a corporation such as to a trucking company for safety or tax issues.

We can fight your pink summons. If you were issued a summons in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx, we can appear in court and fight to get your ticket dismissed or resolved with no criminal record. This can be done by exposing mistakes that the police officer made and by negotiating directly with the judge. Whether it's your first ticket or you've received them before, we will be able to discuss options for getting your summons successfully resolved.

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