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Being arrested for leaving the scene of an accident without reporting can be a frustrating situation because you may not even be aware that an accident occurred or that you didn't properly report it. Although this offense is charged in the Vehicle and Traffic Law (V.T.L. 600), it is a misdemeanor and can give you a permanent criminal record if you're convicted. Additionally, you may face increased risk of a civil law suit depending on how your criminal case is handled.

The congestion of New York City makes this one of the most common offenses we handle. These cases usually start with an alleged accident involving a motor vehicle and a motor vehicle, a motor vehicle and a bicycle, or a motor vehicle and a pedestrian. The suspect either drives away or stops briefly but then flees before the police arrive. Then, a detective is assigned to the case and attempts to identify the fleeing driver. These offenses are unique because in many instances, a detective makes contact with the suspected offender and may even attempt an interrogation prior to an arrest. It is important to contact us as quickly as possible if a police officer contacts you regarding an accident. Otherwise, you may increase the likelihood of arrest or prosecution. Once the arrest occurs, the District Attorney will attempt to secure a conviction which could give you a permanent criminal record.

At the Law Office of Lance Fletcher, PLLC, Mr. Fletcher has handled numerous leaving the scene of an accident cases. He is prepared to examine accident reports, scrutinize witness statements, and fight to get the criminal charges dismissed. If you didn't know there was an accident, thought you reported it, or weren't driving let us know. The best approach is to contact us at (212) 619-3900 office for a case evaluation which will allow Mr. Fletcher to inform you of how he has obtained dismissals or otherwise successfully resolved these cases throughout New York courts.

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