Criminal Charges in Domestic Violence case Involving a Knife Dropped in Queens


Our client, who had hired us before to help him with a different criminal case, contacted us again this time about a bad fight our client was in with our client’s former partner and parent of our client’s child. Although our client was also assaulted by the complainant, our client wasn’t able to press charges and so our client was the only person arrested by the NYPD. The prosecutor filed a domestic incident report with the court and we started heading towards trial which we planned to defend on the ground of self-defense. One of the allegations was that our client had threatened the complainant with a knife during the fight. Both our client and the complainant were bloody following the fight. After discussing mitigating information that helped to show the prosecutor that there was more to the story than what they were hearing, we were able to negotiate a deal where the criminal charges were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea only to a non-criminal violation. As a result of this deal, there was no criminal record, no jail, no probation, and the only penalty was a small fine.

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