Central Park Exposure / lewdness charges dismissed for client with security clearance


According to the arresting officer, our client allegedly was involved in sexual activity with another person in the ramble section of central park. This was allegedly witnessed by fellow officers. Our client came to see us for a case evaluation and was understandably concerned because our client, as part of the work he did, possessed a security clearance. In our initial discussions with the prosecutor, we were able to minimize the penalty but our client would have had to plead guilty to a misdemeanor which would have resulted in a permanent criminal conviction which could be easily found by anyone and which could have caused him to lose the clearance. We continued fighting the charges even as his case was scheduled for trial. After a few months of litigation, we successfully negotiated a deal to have the charges dropped down to disorderly conduct, a violation and not a crime. There would be no criminal record, no jail, and no sex offender program. He had to complete community service.

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