Burglary case dismissed in Brooklyn


Our client was arrested for a burglary in an apartment building in Brooklyn because it was argued that our client entered unlawfully to commit a crime inside. Our client was charged with burglary in the second degree (PL 140.25) and burglary in the third degree (PL 140.20). Burglary in the second degree, the most serious charge, is a class C violent felony carrying up to 15 years in jail. After the arrest, our client contacted us to see us to go over the options. We discussed defenses unique to burglary charges and determined the best strategy to investigate the complainant and underlying circumstances. After numerous consultations with the Brooklyn district attorney, review of court paperwork including the complain and discovery, and legal research, we decided to fight the charges and continue with a plea of not guilty. After several months of litigation, we noticed a procedural error made by the prosecutor and successfully moved for dismissal. Case dismissed and sealed.

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